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Charity Stories

Driving to Poland with Ukrainian Action…A Volunteer Experience

8 September 2023

UK volunteers deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine, meet wounded tank commander, and learn about the war's brutality firsthand. The commander's story is a reminder of the human cost of the war and the importance of supporting the Ukrainian people.

Ukrainian Action Marks 40th Convoy of Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine, Delivering 200th Vehicle

4 September 2023

Ukrainian Action, a London-based nonprofit founded after Russia's full scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, has delivered its 40th aid convoy to Ukraine, contributing over 200 vehicles and $3 million in supplies. Leveraging deep local ties, the organization ensures every donation meets critical Ukrainian needs.

Treating PTSD Among Ukrainian Military Veterans: Ukrainian Action & Matchstick Productions to Co-produce Documentary Film

23 August 2023

Ukrainian Action partners with Matchstick Productions to produce a documentary spotlighting the PTSD challenges faced by Ukrainian military veterans. The film, titled "Taras," follows snowboarder Taras Bihus' transition from frontline soldier to PTSD-stricken Army vet, emphasizing the ongoing mental health crisis from Russia's war against Ukraine. The collaboration aims to raise awareness and funds for veterans' treatment, leveraging the therapeutic potential of the mountains.

Ukrainian Action Inaugural Gala

27 March 2023

Ukrainian Action raised £85,000 at its inaugural gala dinner in London, which will go towards providing aid and support to communities affected by the war in Ukraine. The event was attended by 150 guests, including the Ukrainian ambassador to the UK, and featured a performance by Ukrainian singer Alloise.

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