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Love Ukraine



Dear Friends,


I lived in Ukraine for several years and my friends there have been forced into an unimaginable situation. Every month we buy pick-up trucks, load them with humanitarian aid and medical supplies, and drive them to Ukraine.


We organise volunteers to drive every 2 weeks from the UK to Poland. Please contact us if you are interested to be a volunteer driver. Our volunteer teams in Poland and Ukraine then deliver the vehicles and aid to our beneficiaries. We only support those we know and trust, and deliver everything directly without the use of intermediaries. This creates full visibility on the use of our vehicles and supplies in Ukraine and provides full transparency for our many generous donors.


The trucks and supplies are donated to the brave and vulnerable people of Ukraine through a trusted network of friends and colleagues that I know personally from my time as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine. Some of our volunteers and partners I have known for 20 years. This strong network in Ukraine provides critical intelligence on the most vital needs in the country.


In the first days after the invasion, we sent supplies to the family that housed me 20 years ago in a village in central Ukraine. They welcomed me into their home like family and put up with my broken Ukrainian for 3 months, and I am so grateful that we were able to provide their community with critical supplies.


Since then, we supply local charities, municipalities and other organisations with vehicles for medical evacuation and the distribution of humanitarian aid in damaged regions. We deliver medical supplies to hospitals, generators to schools, and humanitarian aid to shelters and orphanages. We have supported communities in need in most regions of the country.


Since February 2022, we raised over $4m (our initial target was $10k for 1 truck), delivered over 260 vehicles driven by over 300 volunteers from London to Ukraine, each laden with critical humanitarian and medical supplies.


In February 2024, we launched the Ukrainian Action Heroes rehabilitation program for military veterans in the Carpathian's. During our 2-month pilot program, we have welcomed 20 men who left their jobs and families to volunteer to defend their homeland, experienced physical and mental traumas, and are now on a path to recovery.


Ukrainian Action now operates in 4 areas:

  • Emergency support

  • Humanitarian aid

  • Recovery

  • Reconstruction


Under these 4 programs, we will continue to deliver emergency vehicles, medical supplies and humanitarian aid to Ukraine; we will expand our rehabilitation program for veterans, and we seek to support critical infrastructure and development projects in recovering communities.


Ukrainian Action is a network of friends helping friends. We appreciate you may have already donated to other worthwhile causes, but if you want to support a direct, impactful effort to help the vulnerable civilians of Ukraine it is hugely appreciated.


All funds raised will continue to help the victims of this war.

Thank you for supporting Ukraine.


Slava Ukraini!

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