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Drive to Survive

Facing ULEZ charges? Your vehicle can be a beacon of hope in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Action has donated over 200 vehicles to Ukraine to be used for medical evacuations and the distribution of humanitarian aid in regions affected by the war. Donate your vehicle to the Ukrainian cause!

Why Choose Ukrainian Action?

  • ULEZ Challenge: Non-compliant vehicles will soon face daily charges in London. Avoid the costs!

  • Donate or Sell: Offer your vehicle at a reduced price or donate it, and we'll ensure it makes a difference.

  • Purpose-Driven Use: Your vehicle will transport aid, rescue the vulnerable, and become a crucial part of our mission.

How It Works

  1. Contact Us: Simply register your interest and fill in our online form on this page.

  2. Vehicle Collection: We handle all logistics - from London straight to Ukraine.

  3. Make an Impact: Track the journey via our social media and see how your vehicle aids in Ukraine's recovery.


​"I never thought my old car could do so much good. Thank you, Ukrainian Action!"

~Sarah, Croydon

"ULEZ made me reconsider my vehicle's value. Donating was the best decision!"

~Raj, Twickenham

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