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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


Ukrainian Action is a mission-driven NGO dedicated to supporting the survival and development of Ukrainian Citizens.


We regularly drive trucks filled with humanitarian and medical supplies to the country.


Join our mission.




Trucks and countless supplies donated


Miles driven to the Ukrainian border


Sovereign nation needs your help

Our Story

I lived in Ukraine for several years and my friends there have now been forced into an unimaginable situation. We buy pick-up trucks, fill them with humanitarian supplies, and drive them to the Ukrainian border. 


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Since the war began, we have been driving trucks loaded with supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

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Your donation helps us buy trucks and critical humanitarian and medical supplies. We personally drive those loaded trucks to the Polish-Ukrainian border and donate them to our friends in need in Ukraine.


100% of the profits made from the purchase of our UA branded merchandise goes towards the efforts of Ukrainian Action to deliver aid to Ukraine.

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The tangible efforts of our mission are here for the world to see. And we want the world to know that this unjust war needs all of us to participate in tangible efforts to protect life and promote peace.


Take Action

Every single member of our team operates on a volunteer basis. This helps us make the most impact from our supporters. So please contribute your talent and skills to make a difference.

Ukrainian Action is built by the work of Volunteers. These Volunteers use all proceeds to buy Pick-up trucks, humanitarian aid and medical supplies.


The trucks are then loaded with the other donations and supplies that come from all over the world before they are driven 20 hours to the Polish-Ukrainian border from London.

You can help support this hands-on mission by funding these efforts with three steps:

  1. Choosing a donation schedule

  2. Choosing your currency

  3. Choosing an amount

All good things start with a choice and we thank you for choosing to support our tangible efforts.

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